Lunch Break

You usually bring your lunch to work but today you have to go out to get something to eat. Consequence of you being too lazy to go shopping last night and thus having no food at home to prepare for lunch. So come lunch break, you go to the supermarket down the road from your workplace, because you know they do meal deals. You get there, pick your sandwich and drink and snack and as you walk towards the checkouts, you hear shouts. Turns out an angry customer is having a go at the security guard.

Well, that’s something new, you think. You pay at the self-checkout, while two shop assistants watch the angry customer with fascination. The man is red-faced and repeats the same phrases. “Give me your boss’s number! I want to speak to your boss!” He looks like he’s quite serious about it.

The security guard remains calm. You have seen him here before, you always shop here when you don’t bring your own lunch, the name on the security guard’s badge says Femi, the two shops assistants are Mark and Amir, but anyway, you don’t have time to ponder, the precious lunch break time is running out. You complete your purchase.

The angry man is still demanding the phone number of the security guard’s boss. The guard says, okay then, follow me here. He moves towards the store’s entrance.

As you walk out of the shop and pass the security guard, you lean to him and say: “Tell him your boss is Nick Fury.”


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